Residential Moving

The Shipping Shack for all your small moving needs

Are you a senior downsizing into an assisted or independent living facility? Are you a student moving into or out of a dorm or apartment? Are you a homeowner who wants to move a small shipment to a vacation home? If you are, you know that moving a few items is different than moving a whole household.

For instance, it can be relatively expensive. Most movers have minimum weight requirements, which means you’ll pay to ship 2,000 pounds, even if your load weighs much less.

Don’t pay mover minimums. Instead, call The Shipping Shack! today. We don’t charge minimums, because we’re small move specialists–experts in small moves that traditional moving companies find too small.

Small moves with The Shipping Shack are more affordable than do-it-yourself moves, by the time you add up the cost of your time, truck rental, gas, lodging, etc. Our  network of locations are truly the most cost-efficient and time-efficient choice for your small moving needs.

As a moving company specializing in small moves, our top priority is the safety of your possessions. We’ll keep your furniture, collectibles, artwork, and electronics safe and sound.

A small move typically includes a roomful of furniture, appliances, and boxes of belongings, but from one piece of furniture to a roomful, let The Shipping Shack be your small moving partner. We’re the small move specialists you can rely on for professional packing, safe shipping, and on-time delivery.



Why large movers, residential customers, retirement communities, and commercial shippers look to The Shipping Shack for small moving solutions:

1. Safety: We ensure that your small move shipment of furniture, heirlooms, or other fragile, large, awkward, and valuable items are delivered intact, on time, on budget, and with the pick up and delivery options that best suit your needs.

2. Hassle-free: Moving is stressful. We take care of all your small move headaches from anywhere in the US to anywhere in the world.

3. Temporary storage: If you’re a student who needs storage for the summer, or a senior who needs storage during your transition, we can ship your small move to our warehouse and deliver your goods to you later.

4. No hidden charges: We never perform a small move or handle a shipment without providing you with a clear, written estimate of our price and services.

5. Protection: Declared value coverage is available on everything we pack and ship.


Small move services The Shipping Shack provides:

  • We will pickup your items at your home or office so there’s no heavy lifting for you.
  • We can pack onsite at your location.
  • We will provide expert custom packaging for your small and over-sized items including double boxing, furniture-crating and even palletizing.
  • We will ship your small moves via air, ground or ocean.
    • Domestic and international computer shipping;
    • Computer and electronics freight shipping by air, road, rail or ocean;
    • Blanket wrap via ground for fragile computer and electronic equipment.
  • We can provide temporary storage at origin or destination for your computer or electronic equipment.

How we pack small moves

Correct packing often determines whether your items arrive damage free. What truly sets The Shipping Shack apart is the way we prepare your items for shipping. We take into account the dimensions, weight, fragility, value, mode of transport, and final destination requirements of each item.

Our thorough packing procedures take longer on the front end, but ensure your small move items arrive damage-free and on time at their destination. Our attention to detail, combined with our small move packing techniques, give our customers peace of mind and help us maintain a remarkably low claims rate.


The Shipping Shack offers the following small move packaging solutions:

  • Corrugated containers and custom boxes
  • Custom wood crates
  • Specialized custom cushioning including blocking and bracing
  • Foam-In-Place
  • Commercial grade packaging for heavy office furniture
  • Residential packing
  • Movers
  • Skids and pallets

With locations throughout the US, we are able to deliver goods to most major markets in just 10-14 days. Our speed is unmatched by most other moving companies and ensures that our customers receive their goods in a timely manner.



International small moves

International small moves can be complex, with strict documentation and import/export requirements. Do you know what forms are required and how to file them? The Shipping Shack does.

Do you know which countries have special packaging requirements? The Shipping Shack does.

You need an expert to guide your international small move items through the process. The Shipping Shack is your expert.

That’s where The Shipping Shack 25 years as a reputable small moving company specializing in international small moves benefits you. We can save you money by consolidating your small move shipment with other shipments we have going to the same country. And we can save you headaches by coordinating your door-to-door, door-to-port, or port-to-port shipments so you don’t have to.


The Shipping Shack offers the following small move solutions:

  • Apartment small moves – from single items to a roomful
  • Household moves – move boxes, furniture, artwork, and more
  • Senior small moves – downsizing to a retirement community or vacation home
  • Student small moves – pick up and delivery between your dorm room and summer storage
  • Commercial small moves – moving a small office including furniture, equipment, and records
  • Estate distribution – shipping and delivery of multiple items to multiple locations just about anywhere in the world
  • International small moves – relocate items from your home or office to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and elsewhere around the globe.


Where do you go for your small moving needs? The Shipping Shack!