Electronics Shipping

Your Electronic Shipping and Computer Shipping Needs

singleserverWhether you need to ship twenty computers, a big screen TV, or a mission-critical CPU to anywhere in the world, call The Shipping Shack. We specialize in computer/electronics packaging and shipping methods for small and large equipment.  Expert packing is the difference between “damaged” and “damage-free.” We’re the leading electronics packing company and a more affordable solution for computer shipping.

Electronics shipping and computer shipping services The Shipping Shack provides

  • We will pickup your computers, servers or electronic equipment at your home or office so there’s no heavy lifting for you.
  • We can pack onsite at your location.
  • We can help dismantle an entire data center.
  • We will provide expert computer packaging, and electronics packaging including double wall corrugated boxing, computer crating and even palletizing.
  • We will ship your computers or move your computers via air, ground, or ocean:
  • Domestic and international computer shipping;
  • Computer and electronics freight shipping by air, road, rail or ocean;
  • Blanket wrap via ground for fragile computer and electronic equipment.
  • We can provide temporary storage at origin or destination for your computer or electronic equipment.
  • We can cover your computer equipment or electronics for full replacement value.
  • We will deliver your computer shipments to your curb, to a terminal or warehouse, or inside your home or office. You choose the computer delivery method that best meets your time constraints and budget.

tvElectronic Packaging and Computer Packaging
The complex part of packaging and shipping computers and electronics equipment lies in the number of moving and fragile components. When a The Shipping Shack location packs fragile computer monitors, for instance, we protect the surface with anti-static bubble wrap, build a double wall corrugated box and use foam-in-place packaging for protection between the piece and the box. The same cushioning and protective packaging is used for CPUs. Additionally, depending on the number and value of the computer or electronic equipment, protective crates are often used or the items can be transported on pallets.

We also work with you to custom design the safest, most cost-effective packaging solution. Plus, we pick up from your site and deliver locally or ship anywhere, nationally or internationally.


Typical Computer Equipment and Electronic Equipment We Pack and Ship:

  • PCs, laptops, CPUs, data centers
  • Vacuums and table saws
  • Slot machines, video arcades, jukeboxes
  • Residential electronics including sound systems, big screen TVs, amplifiers
  • Commercial electronics including ATMs and vending machines
  • Industrial electronics including equipment and machinery
  • Medical electronics including mammography, Xray, CT scans